The CAPES is a gateway to 12.365 titles of scientific, technical and humanistic full-text information worldwide. It also includes a selection of free important academic information sources on the Internet.

It also provides access to statistical databases on patents and theses degrees of Brazil.

It’s created on July 1951 with the aim of supporting higher education institutions with graduate programs (masters and doctorates) in maintaining stocks of international scientific journals, ensuring access to the academic community to the scientific and global technology. As an online electronic portal, began operating in 2000.

Involving over 182 institutions in Brazil between federal, municipal, technological, research and private


• 12,365 journal titles in full text

• 125 reference databases (indexes and abstracts)

• 6 patent database with international coverage

• 99 full-text collections of books

• 8 sites network files open e-prints

• 38 sites with full texts of abstracts of theses, including the Bank of Capes with 366 341 Thesis dissertations from 1987

• 51 statistical databases

• 19 sites with collections of free access journals (open access)

See editors as:

Blackwell, EBSCO, Emerald, IEEE, ProQuest, Web of Science, Scopus.

You can also consult databases of open access as SciELO, BioMed Central and Copernicus.

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Biological Sciences:

General Biology, Genetics, Botany, Zoology, Ecology, Cytology and Cell Biology - Histology, Anatomy - Embryology, Health sciences, medicine, agricultural sciences, sciences and earth, Engineering, Applied Social Sciences, Human Sciences, linguistic, letters and arts.

Si usted es estudiante de pre y postgrado, docente o investigador, debe dirigirse al IESALC-UNESCO, institución proveedora con acceso autorizado, que cuenta con 4 computadoras para acceder al Portal CAPES, en el horario comprendido de lunes a viernes, de 8 am a 12:30 m y de 1:30 pm a 4:30 pm

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